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4 Jan 2015Sun PMBrian NormanII Chronicles 27The Mighty King
4 Jan 2015Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:38-42Don't Even Get Even
28 Dec 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Timothy 4:6-7Following Through on Decisions
28 Dec 2014Sun AMBrian NormanEcclesiates 12:13-14Hearing the Conclusion
24 Dec 2014SpecialBrian NormanLuke 2Candlelight Service 2014
21 Dec 2014Sun AMBrian NormanLuke 2:8-14The Gospel of Christmas
17 Dec 2014PrayerBrian NormanPray (New Testament)
14 Dec 2014Sun AMBrian NormanLuke 2:9The Glory of Christmas
10 Dec 2014PrayerBrian NormanWhispering
7 Dec 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 17:1-6The Final King
7 Dec 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:33-37Watch What You Say
3 Dec 2014PrayerBrian NormanWeeping
30 Nov 2014Sun PMStephen NixBiblical Principles for Dating
30 Nov 2014Sun AMStephen NixI Corinthians 10:1-13Victory in Temptation
23 Nov 2014Sun PMBrian NormanGood to Give Thanks (Results)
23 Nov 2014Sun AMBrian NormanGood to Give Thanks (Reasons)
19 Nov 2014PrayerBrian NormanPraising
16 Nov 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 15:8-31The Killing Kings
16 Nov 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:27-32The Blessings of Marriage
12 Nov 2014PrayerBrian NormanPetitioning
9 Nov 2014Sun AMStephen NixRomans 8:31-39What Shall We Then Say?
5 Nov 2014PrayerBobby JordanNehemiah 8Listening
2 Nov 2014Sun PMStephen NixPrinciples for Movies and T.V.
2 Nov 2014Sun AMStephen NixGenesis 24A Great Servant
29 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanBeseech Thee
26 Oct 2014Sun PM Prayer Summit (Sunday Night) by Harold Vaughan
26 Oct 2014Sun AM Prayer Summit (Sunday Morning) by Harold Vaughan
26 Oct 2014Special Prayer Summit (Family Bible Study) by Harold Vaughan
25 Oct 2014Special Prayer Summit (Saturday Night) by Harold Vaughan
24 Oct 2014Special Prayer Summit (Friday Night) by Harold Vaughan
22 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanSupplicating
19 Oct 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Chronicles 26The Leper King
19 Oct 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:21-26The Prison of Anger
15 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanAsking
12 Oct 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 14The Saving King
12 Oct 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:17-20By the Law
8 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanPositioning or Posturing
5 Oct 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 14 & II Chronicles 25The Reckless King
5 Oct 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:13-16Be What You Are
1 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanSeeking Favor
28 Sep 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 13; II Chronicles 25The Wasteful King
28 Sep 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:7-12The Best Attitudes. Part 2
24 Sep 2014PrayerBrian NormanInterceding
21 Sep 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 13The Cyclical King
21 Sep 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:3-12The Best Attitudes. Part 1
17 Sep 2014PrayerBrian NormanThinking
14 Sep 2014Sun PM Mentality of Missions by Jonathan Lyons
14 Sep 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 4:23-5:2Preparing for Preaching
10 Sep 2014PrayerBrian NormanMeeting
7 Sep 2014Sun PMStephen NixObedience
7 Sep 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 4:12-17Understanding the Kingdom
3 Sep 2014PrayerBrian NormanIntroduction
31 Aug 2014Sun AMBrian NormanIsaiah 35:4-12A Merciful Death
27 Aug 2014PrayerBrian NormanStudied. Part 2
24 Aug 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 11-14; II Chronicles 22-25The Boy King
24 Aug 2014Sun AMBrian NormanLuke 2:49-52A Marvelous Life
20 Aug 2014PrayerBrian NormanStudied. Part 1
17 Aug 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Chronicles 22 & II Kings 9-10Man on a Mission
17 Aug 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJohn 1A Miraculous Birth
13 Aug 2014PrayerBrian NormanInterpreted. Part 1
10 Aug 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Chronicles 20-22Mirror Mirror
10 Aug 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMark 4:35-41Master, Carest Thou Not?
6 Aug 2014PrayerBrian NormanCanonized
3 Aug 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 22 & II Chronicles 17-20Good Intentions
3 Aug 2014Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 4:15-18Waiting for the Trumpet
30 Jul 2014PrayerBrian NormanPreserved. Part 3
27 Jul 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 16-22Countdown to Disaster. Part 2
27 Jul 2014Sun AMBrian NormanII Corinthians 5:10-11Ultimate Reality
23 Jul 2014PrayerBrian NormanPreserved. Part 2
20 Jul 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 16-22Countdown to Disaster. Part 1
20 Jul 2014Sun AMBrian NormanActs 11:19-30Ye Ought to Be
16 Jul 2014PrayerBrian NormanPreserved. Part 1
13 Jul 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 15-16The Five Guys
13 Jul 2014Sun AMBrian NormanPsalm 95Our Great God
9 Jul 2014PrayerBrian NormanInspired. Part 3
6 Jul 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Chronicles 14-16The Determined King
6 Jul 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 7:21-23Religion's Ruse
2 Jul 2014PrayerBrian NormanInspired. Part 2
29 Jun 2014Sun AMBrian NormanGalations 5:13-18Give Me Liberty
25 Jun 2014PrayerBrian NormanInspired. Part 1
22 Jun 2014Sun PMStephen NixHow to be a Great Sloth
22 Jun 2014Sun AMBobby JordanEphesians 2:1-11The New Walk of the Believer
18 Jun 2014PrayerBobby JordanPhilemonPaul’s Letter to Intercession
15 Jun 2014Sun PMStephen NixJeremiah 17:5-8Cursed or Blessed?
15 Jun 2014Sun AMStephen NixProverbs 31:1-9Kingly Advice From Mom
8 Jun 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 15 & II Chronicles 13The Disloyal King
8 Jun 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMark 6:30-32A Christian's Vacation
1 Jun 2014Sun PMBrian NormanThe First Kings
1 Jun 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 5:13-20The Power of Prayer
28 May 2014PrayerBrian NormanRevelation
25 May 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 12Prophecy Fulfilled
25 May 2014Sun AMBrian NormanII Timothy 2:1-4Good Soldiers
21 May 2014PrayerBrian NormanPsalm 119:105Thy Word Is...
18 May 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 5-11The Foolish Way
18 May 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 26:17-19Christ our Passover
11 May 2014Sun AMBrian NormanEphesians 6:1-3Being A New Testament Mom
7 May 2014PrayerBrian NormanConcluding Thoughts of the Series
4 May 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Kings 3 & 4Marks of the New King
4 May 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 5:1-11Wealthy Somebodies & Patient Nobodies. Part 2
30 Apr 2014PrayerBrian NormanWrath. Part 3
27 Apr 2014Sun PMStephen NixHaggai 1-2Tending to the Things of God. Part 2
27 Apr 2014Sun AMStephen NixHaggai 1-2Tending to the Things of God. Part 1
23 Apr 2014PrayerBrian NormanWrath. Part 2
20 Apr 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJohn 20:11-16Why Weepest Thou?
16 Apr 2014PrayerBrian NormanWrath. Part 1
13 Apr 2014Sun PM Dr. Jim Binney - Family Conference - Sunday Night
13 Apr 2014Sun AM Dr. Jim Binney - Family Conference - Sunday Morning
13 Apr 2014Seminar Dr. Jim Binney - Family Conference - Sunday FBS
12 Apr 2014Special Dr. Jim Binney - Family Conference - Saturday Night
12 Apr 2014Seminar Dr. Jim Binney - Family Conference - Saturday Evening
11 Apr 2014Special Dr. Jim Binney - Family Conference - Friday Night
6 Apr 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Samuel 2Coming to Reign
6 Apr 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 5:1-11Wealthy Somebodies & Patient Nobodies. Part 1
2 Apr 2014PrayerBrian NormanPatience
30 Mar 2014Sun PMBrian NormanBob Jones Bible Conferene Report
30 Mar 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 4:11-17Your Life: A Vanishing Vapor
26 Mar 2014PrayerBobby JordanPsalm 46Psalm 46
23 Mar 2014Sun AMBrian NormanII Corinthians 10:12-18The Regions Beyond
23 Mar 2014Special Sermon by missionary Paul Daku
21 Mar 2014Special Sermon by missionary Jon Griffin
20 Mar 2014Special Sermon by missionary Mark Lancaster
19 Mar 2014Special Sermon by missionary Mickey Schrimshire
16 Mar 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Samuel 18Proving to be King
16 Mar 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 4:1-10Battles Among Believers. Part 2
12 Mar 2014PrayerBrian NormanHoliness
9 Mar 2014Sun PMStephen NixPsalm 112Blessings of the Righteous
9 Mar 2014Sun AMStephen NixGalations 6:1-5Care for the Family
5 Mar 2014PrayerBrian NormanRighteousness
2 Mar 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Samuel 17:26-50A Giant Victory
2 Mar 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 4:1-10Battles Among Believers. Part 1
23 Feb 2014Sun PMStephen NixMicah 6:6-8Coming Before the Lord
23 Feb 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 3:13-18A Difference in Wisdom
19 Feb 2014PrayerBrian NormanFaithfulness. Part 1
16 Feb 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 3:1-12Taming the Tongue
9 Feb 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Samuel 16:1-13Looking for a Loyal Leader
9 Feb 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 2:14-26Show and Tell
5 Feb 2014PrayerBrian NormanGoodness
2 Feb 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Samuel 13Rejecting Thy King
2 Feb 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 2:1-13Who's Your Favorite?
26 Jan 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Samuel 11 & 12Confirming Thy King
26 Jan 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 1:19-27The Importance of the Word
22 Jan 2014PrayerBrian NormanTruth
19 Jan 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Samuel 10Meeting Thy King
19 Jan 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 1:13-18The Shame of Blame
15 Jan 2014PrayerBrian NormanGrace. Part 2
12 Jan 2014Sun PMBrian NormanI Samuel 9Prepare to Meet Thy King
12 Jan 2014Sun AMBrian NormanJames 1:2-12Triumphant in Trials
8 Jan 2014PrayerBrian NormanGrace. Part 1
5 Jan 2014Sun PMBrian NormanIntroduction: The Making of a King
5 Jan 2014Sun AMBrian NormanIntroduction
29 Dec 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJonah 4:1-11A Temper Tantrum. Part 2
29 Dec 2013Sun AMBrian NormanActs 15A Fresh Start
22 Dec 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJonah 4:1-11A Temper Tantrum. Part 1
22 Dec 2013Sun AMBrian NormanLuke 1:26-2:7Mary's Christmas
18 Dec 2013PrayerBrian NormanMercy
15 Dec 2013Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 1:18-25Joseph's Christmas
11 Dec 2013PrayerBrian NormanLove. Part 2
8 Dec 2013Sun AMBrian NormanFriendship
4 Dec 2013PrayerBrian NormanLove. Part 1
1 Dec 2013Sun PMStephen NixWhy are we B-A-P-T-I-S-T-S? Part 2
1 Dec 2013Sun AMStephen NixWhy are we B-A-P-T-I-S-T-S? Part 1
24 Nov 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJonah 3:1-10A Transforming Message
24 Nov 2013Sun AMBrian NormanEphesians 5:15-20A Time of Thanksgiving
20 Nov 2013PrayerBrian NormanSovereignty, Part 3
17 Nov 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJonah 1:17-2:10A Toasty Belly
17 Nov 2013Sun AMBrian NormanPartnership
13 Nov 2013PrayerBrian NormanSovereignty, Part 2
10 Nov 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJonah 1:11-16A Torturous Journey
10 Nov 2013Sun AMBrian NormanLeadership
6 Nov 2013PrayerBrian NormanSovereignty, Part 1
3 Nov 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJonah 1:4-10The Tempestuous Storm
3 Nov 2013Sun AMBrian NormanStewardship
30 Oct 2013SpecialDave SommerdorfExodus 3:15God of Jacob
29 Oct 2013SpecialDave SommerdorfExodus 3:15God of Isaac
28 Oct 2013SpecialDave SommerdorfExodus 3:15God of Abraham
27 Oct 2013Sun PMDave SommerdorfI Samuel 16:7Heart of the Matter
27 Oct 2013Sun AMDave SommerdorfLuke 17:32Remember Lot's Wife
27 Oct 2013SpecialDave SommerdorfMatthew 7:7-8Christ in the School of Prayer
20 Oct 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJonah 1:1-3A Troubling Word
20 Oct 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Chronicles 34Revival of the Fittest
16 Oct 2013PrayerBrian NormanOmnipotence
13 Oct 2013Sun PMBrian NormanIntroduction 2
13 Oct 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Peter 2:9-12Citizenship
9 Oct 2013PrayerBrian NormanOmniscience
6 Oct 2013Sun PMBrian NormanIntroduction 1
6 Oct 2013Sun AMBrian NormanJohn 15:6-8Discipleship
2 Oct 2013PrayerBrian NormanImmutability
29 Sep 2013Sun AMBrian NormanIsaiah 6:1-8Worship
25 Sep 2013PrayerBrian NormanEternity
22 Sep 2013Sun PMStephen NixEphesians 3:20-21For the Glory
22 Sep 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI John 1:1-7Fellowship
18 Sep 2013PrayerBrian NormanIntroduction, part 3
15 Sep 2013Sun PMStephen Nix1 Kings 11:1-13Love God Supremely
15 Sep 2013Sun AMBrian NormanRelationships
11 Sep 2013PrayerBrian NormanIntroduction, part 2
4 Sep 2013PrayerBrian NormanIntroduction, part 1
1 Sep 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRomans 1:16-18Not Ashamed
1 Sep 2013Sun AMBrian NormanFocus for the Church
28 Aug 2013PrayerBrian NormanExodus 3I Am
25 Aug 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJohn 17:108That They Might Know
25 Aug 2013Sun AMBrian NormanActs 11:19-26Reputation of the Church
18 Aug 2013Sun PMBrian NormanII Corinthians 4:1-6Light to Shine
18 Aug 2013Sun AMBrian NormanActs 4Imperatives for the Church, part 2
14 Aug 2013PrayerBrian NormanSavior
11 Aug 2013Sun PMBrian NormanMatthew 5:14-16Let Your Light Shine
11 Aug 2013Sun AMBrian NormanActs 4Imperatives for the Church, part 1
4 Aug 2013Sun PMBrian NormanEphesians 5:16-21Need a Fill Up?
4 Aug 2013Sun AMBrian NormanActs 2:41-47Adding to the Church
31 Jul 2013PrayerBrian NormanShepherd
28 Jul 2013Sun PMBrian NormanII Corinthians 12:7-10Perfected Power
28 Jul 2013Sun AMBrian NormanUnderstanding the Church
10 Jul 2013PrayerBrian NormanAdvocate
7 Jul 2013Sun PMBrian NormanZephaniah 3:1-7Recipe for Rebellion
7 Jul 2013Sun AMBrian NormanNumbers 13Losing Focus
3 Jul 2013PrayerBrian NormanJudge
30 Jun 2013Sun PMBrian NormanGalations 5:1-6My FLaG
30 Jun 2013Sun AMBrian NormanPsalm 33Blessed is the Nation
26 Jun 2013PrayerBrian NormanKing
23 Jun 2013Sun PMBrian NormanChristians in Action
23 Jun 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 3:6-18Great Discipline
16 Jun 2013Sun PMBrian NormanThe Kingdom Chronicle
16 Jun 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Kings 2:1-7Shew Thyself a Man
12 Jun 2013PrayerBrian NormanSun
9 Jun 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 3:1-5Great Petition
5 Jun 2013PrayerBrian NormanRefiner
2 Jun 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJeremiah 42:13-18The Evil of the Comfort Zone
2 Jun 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 2:13-17Great Truth
29 May 2013PrayerBrian NormanShield
22 May 2013PrayerBrian NormanRock
12 May 2013Sun AMBrian NormanThe LORD Visited Hannah
5 May 2013Sun PMBrian NormanI Peter 2:1-12Destined for Difference
5 May 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 2:3-12Great Deception
1 May 2013PrayerBrian NormanAdonai
28 Apr 2013Sun PMBrian NormanJames 1:1-4The Tests of a Testimoney
28 Apr 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 2:3-12Great Deception
24 Apr 2013PrayerBrian NormanJehovah-Shammah
17 Apr 2013PrayerBrian NormanJehovah-Rohi
14 Apr 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 2:1-2Great Confusion
10 Apr 2013PrayerBrian NormanJehovah-Tsidkenu
7 Apr 2013Sun PMBrian NormanAlways Isn't Easy
7 Apr 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 1:11-12Great Prayer
3 Apr 2013PrayerBrian NormanJehovah-Shalom
31 Mar 2013Sun AMBrian NormanMark 16:1-8The Day of Discovery
27 Mar 2013PrayerBrian NormanJehovah-Sabaoth
24 Mar 2013Sun AMBrian NormanFaith Promise
17 Mar 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRevelation 3:14-22The Lukewarm Church
17 Mar 2013Sun AMBrian NormanTurning our World Upside Down
13 Mar 2013PrayerBrian NormanJehovah-Nissi
10 Mar 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRevelation 3:7-13The Loyal Church
10 Mar 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 1:5-10Great Trouble
6 Mar 2013PrayerBrian NormanJehovah-Jireh
3 Mar 2013Sun AMBrian NormanII Thessalonians 1:1-4Great Return
27 Feb 2013PrayerBrian NormanEl-Roi, part 2
24 Feb 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 5:16-28Great Charge
20 Feb 2013PrayerBrian NormanEl-Roi, part 1
17 Feb 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRevelation 3:1-6The Lifeless Church
17 Feb 2013Sun AMBrian NormanTurning our World Upside Down
13 Feb 2013PrayerBrian NormanEl-Olam
10 Feb 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRevelation 2:18-29The Liberal Church
10 Feb 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 5:6-10Great Salvation
6 Feb 2013PrayerBrian NormanEl-Elyon
3 Feb 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 5:1-5Great Day
30 Jan 2013PrayerBrian NormanEl-Shaddai
27 Jan 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRevelation 2:12-17The Lenient Church
27 Jan 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 4:13-18Great Comfort
23 Jan 2013PrayerBrian NormanSomething About That Name (Part III)
20 Jan 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRevelation 2:8-11The Living Church
20 Jan 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 4:9-12Great Testimony
16 Jan 2013PrayerBrian NormanSomething About That Name (Part II)
13 Jan 2013Sun PMBrian NormanRevelations 2:1-7The Leaving Church
13 Jan 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 4:1-8Great Walk
9 Jan 2013PrayerBrian NormanSomething About That Name (Part I)
6 Jan 2013Sun PMBrian NormanMatthew 16:13-19Understanding the Church
6 Jan 2013Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 3:11-13Great God
2 Jan 2013PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part XIII)
31 Dec 2012SpecialBrian NormanPsalm 90A Time for a New Year
30 Dec 2012Sun AMBrian NormanJoshua 1:1-9A New Day is Dawning
26 Dec 2012PrayerBrian NormanMatthew 1The B.I.R.T.H. of Christ
24 Dec 2012SpecialBrian NormanLuke 2Five Elements of Jesus' Birth
23 Dec 2012Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 2:1-12Presenting Him Gifts
19 Dec 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part XII)
16 Dec 2012Sun PMBrian NormanLuke 2:8-14The Angels Rejoicing
16 Dec 2012Sun AMBrian NormanRomans 1Governed by the Gospel
12 Dec 2012PrayerDon MooreThoughts on the Wise Men
9 Dec 2012Sun PMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 1Graced with the Gospel
9 Dec 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 3:6-10Great Report
5 Dec 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part XI)
2 Dec 2012Sun PMBrian NormanRomans 1Good with the Gospel
2 Dec 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 3:1-5Great Persecution
28 Nov 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part X)
25 Nov 2012Sun PMBrian NormanII Corinthians 9:6-15Enriched in Everything
25 Nov 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 2:17-20Great Desire
18 Nov 2012Sun PM Charge to Pastor, Harold Vaughan
18 Nov 2012Sun AM Revival in the Home, Harold Vaughan
18 Nov 2012Special Charge to Church, Mike Shrock
14 Nov 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part IX)
11 Nov 2012Sun PMStephen NixJoshua 10:1-14God Fought for Israel
11 Nov 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 2:13-17Great Reminder
7 Nov 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part VIII)
4 Nov 2012Sun PMBrian NormanI Peter 3:8-18A Balancing Act
4 Nov 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 2:7-12Great Love
31 Oct 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part VII)
28 Oct 2012Sun PMBrian NormanPsalm 46Knowing God
28 Oct 2012Sun AMBrian NormanPsalm 67Dual Citizens
24 Oct 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part VI)
21 Oct 2012Sun PMBrian NormanII Peter 1:1-4The Power of Godliness
21 Oct 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 2:1-6Great Knowledge
17 Oct 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part V)
14 Oct 2012Sun PMBrian NormanDaring for Difference
14 Oct 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 1:6-10Great Followers
10 Oct 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part IV)
7 Oct 2012Sun PMBrian NormanProverbs 3:1-7The Trust That Brings Direction
7 Oct 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 1:2-5Great Thanksgiving
3 Oct 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in Prayer (Part III)
30 Sep 2012Sun PMBrian NormanI Timothy 3:14-16The focus of our church
30 Sep 2012Sun AMBrian NormanI Thessalonians 1:1The start of something great
26 Sep 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in prayer (Part II)
23 Sep 2012Sun PMBrian NormanHebrews 2:1-3Isn't it great!
23 Sep 2012Sun AMBrian NormanRomans 12:1-2Serious christianity
19 Sep 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials in prayer (Part I)
16 Sep 2012Sun PMBrian NormanMark 14:12-25There make ready
16 Sep 2012Sun AMBrian NormanJoshua 24:14-21Standing at the crossroads
12 Sep 2012PrayerBrian NormanEssentials of prayer (introduction)
9 Sep 2012Sun PMBrian NormanPsalm 95:1-6Our great God
9 Sep 2012Sun AMBrian NormanActs 1:3-12At this time
2 Sep 2012Sun AMStephen NixTitus 3:1-7Shine bright in a dark world
26 Aug 2012Sun PMStephen NixExodus 3:1-4Encountering God
26 Aug 2012Sun AMBobby JordanNumbers 32Choose the best
19 Aug 2012Sun PMJoel BellHebrews 8:6-20The laws of God
19 Aug 2012Sun AMStephen NixTitus 2:4-14Construct a Biblical mentality (Part II)
12 Aug 2012Sun PMStephen NixI Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; Ephesians 4:11-16Expectations for a pastor
12 Aug 2012Sun AMStephen NixTitus 2:1-4; 11-14Construct a Biblical mentality (Part I)
5 Aug 2012Sun PMDon MooreI Timothy 3:7The snares of the devil
5 Aug 2012Sun AMStephen NixTitus 1:9-16Stop false teaching
29 Jul 2012Sun AMStephen NixII Kings 5:8-15The power of God
22 Jul 2012Sun PMStephen NixLamentations 3:22-26The mercies of God
22 Jul 2012Sun AMStephen NixII Kings 5:1-8Glorify God in every situation
15 Jul 2012Sun PMDon MooreII Kings 5:19-27The Problem of Disappointment
15 Jul 2012Sun AMBobby JordanI Thessalonians 1The reputation of the Church
8 Jul 2012Sun PMJoel BellEphesians 5The Body
8 Jul 2012Sun AMStephen NixEphesians 5:14-21Spend your days well
1 Jul 2012Sun AMStephen NixEphesians 5:1-6Imitating Dad
24 Jun 2012Sun PM Ephesians 4Pastor Norman
24 Jun 2012Sun AM Acts 2Pastor Norman
17 Jun 2012Sun PMStephen NixGenesis 12:1-5Walking by Faith
17 Jun 2012Sun AMBobby JordanEphesians 6:1-4Father's Day Charge
10 Jun 2012Sun PMJoel BellThe Tabernacle of David (Part II)
10 Jun 2012Sun AMStephen NixEphesians 4:17-24Change
3 Jun 2012Sun AMStephen NixEphesians 4:1-7Keep the Unity
27 May 2012Sun PMDon MooreJudges 11:29-35Son of Shame
27 May 2012Sun AMBobby JordanPhilippians 1:27Someone's Watching
20 May 2012Sun PMStephen NixI Kings 19Seeing God in the Stillness
20 May 2012Sun AMStephen NixEphesians 2:11-22Witness to the World
13 May 2012Sun AMStephen NixEphesians 1:15-23Studying God
29 Apr 2012Sun AMBobby JordanPsalm 139Trusting in the midst of trouble
22 Apr 2012Sun PMJoel BellThe Tabernacle of David
22 Apr 2012Sun AMStephen NixJoel 3God's Righteousness
15 Apr 2012Sun PMDon MooreMark 9:17-24The Will to Live
15 Apr 2012Sun AMStephen NixJoel 1-2Restoring Lost Fellowship With God
8 Apr 2012Sun AMStephen NixMark 16:6Reason for the Resurrection
1 Apr 2012Sun PMDon MooreVision for the Rest of the Year
1 Apr 2012Sun AMStephen NixMark 14-15The Suffering Saviour
25 Mar 2012Sun AMStephen NixLuke 18:1-8Constant in Prayer
11 Mar 2012Sun AMStephen NixII Thessalonians 3:6-18Dealing Wisely with Disorderly Saints
4 Mar 2012Sun PMDon MooreRevelation 22Revelation 22
4 Mar 2012Sun AMBobby JordanLuke 10:38-42Balancing our Service with our Worship
26 Feb 2012Sun PMDon MooreRevelation 21Revelation 21
26 Feb 2012Sun AMStephen NixII Thessalonians 3:1-5Moving forward while waiting for Jesus
19 Feb 2012Sun AMBobby JordanDepend on the Lord
12 Feb 2012Sun AMStephen NixII Thessalonians 2Ready for the Rapture
5 Feb 2012Sun AMStephen NixII Thessalonians 1Growing in the Valley of Persecution
29 Jan 2012Sun AMBobby JordanTriumphant Faith
22 Jan 2012Sun AMStephen NixThe Promises of the Flood
15 Jan 2012Sun AMStephen NixThe Passing of the Great Flood
8 Jan 2012Sun AMStephen NixPreparation for the Great Flood
1 Jan 2012Sun PMJoel BellSeeing the Star, Seeing the Child
1 Jan 2012Sun AMStephen NixThe Purpose of the Great Flood
25 Dec 2011Sun AMDon MooreReceiving
18 Dec 2011Sun AMBobby JordanThe Difference of a Changed Heart
11 Dec 2011Sun AMStephen NixBe an Encouraging Friend
29 Jul 2011Sun AMTom Farley1-Peter 2:4-10Priestly Offerings & Royal Praises, Part 2
26 May 2011Sun AMTom Farley1-Peter 2:4-10Priestly Offerings & Royal Praises, Part 1
20 May 2011Sun AMTom Farley1-Peter 2:1-3Growing In Christlikeness
3 May 2011Sun AMTom FarleyMatthew 23:23-28The Weightier Matters Of The Law
22 Apr 2011Sun AMTom Farley1-Peter 1:17-25Motivated To Demonstrate The Gospel
14 Apr 2011Sun AMTom Farley1 Peter 1:13-16A Life Shaped By The Gospel
23 Jan 2011Sun AMTom Farley1-Thessalonians 1:5-10Encouragement To Exemplary Christians
16 Jan 2011Sun AMTom Farley1-Thessalonians 1:1-4The Work, Labor & Endurance Of The Confident-Called
20 Dec 2009Prayer Test
20 Nov 2009PrayerBrian NormanTest
18 Aug 2009Sun AMBrian NormanGenesis 1Test2
29 Jul 2009Sun AMStephen NixTest


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