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14 Sep 2014Sun PM Mentality of Missions by Jonathan Lyons
14 Sep 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 4:23-5:2Preparing for Preaching
10 Sep 2014PrayerBrian NormanMeeting
7 Sep 2014Sun PMStephen NixObedience
7 Sep 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 4:12-17Understanding the Kingdom
3 Sep 2014PrayerBrian NormanIntroduction
31 Aug 2014Sun AMBrian NormanIsaiah 35:4-12A Merciful Death
27 Aug 2014PrayerBrian NormanStudied. Part 2
24 Aug 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 11-14; II Chronicles 22-25The Boy King
24 Aug 2014Sun AMBrian NormanLuke 2:49-52A Marvelous Life


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