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19 Oct 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Chronicles 26The Leper King
19 Oct 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:21-26The Prison of Anger
15 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanAsking
12 Oct 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 14The Saving King
12 Oct 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:17-20By the Law
8 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanPositioning or Posturing
5 Oct 2014Sun PMBrian NormanII Kings 14 & II Chronicles 25The Reckless King
5 Oct 2014Sun AMBrian NormanMatthew 5:13-16Be What You Are
1 Oct 2014PrayerBrian NormanSeeking Favor


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