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Core Values

Our Mission:

Everything we do will be inspired by the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8). Whether expository preaching, teaching, counseling or encouraging, we will do so with a mind toward both calling the lost into a relationship with Christ, and molding the believer in the image of Christ.

We will constantly be informed in all practice and doctrine by the Word of God trusting in its inerrancy of detail, and acknowledging its unity of message.

We will see through God's eyes that human unworthiness through sin made necessary the substitutionary death of Christ on the cross.

We will acknowledge that our only reason to exist as a church is to perpetuate the Gospel within the hearts of each born-again believer in our fellowship, and to propagate the Gospel without the walls of our church among the lost in our local area.

Our Purpose:

Bethel Baptist Cary exists to glorify God by leading souls to Christ and training them to be faithful disciples. We will accomplish this by . . .

  1. Magnifying God in our worship:
    Through Biblical preaching and God-centered music
    (Colossians 1:28; Ephesians 5:19)

  2. Maturing God’s family:
    Through discipleship and training
    (2-Timothy 3:16)

  3. Ministering to God’s family:
    Through Biblical counseling and a call to service.
    (Colossians 3.16)

  4. Motivating God’s family:
    To be unified in the Spirit and encouraged through fellowship.
    (Ephesians 4.3; Philippians 1.27)

  5. Mirroring God’s love:
    By welcoming all people who desire to worship and live for Christ.
    (Romans 10:12)

  6. Multiplying God’s family:
    Through local evangelism and world missions
    (Acts 1:8)
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